Indexed Universal Life insurance

With Indexed Universal Life (IUL), you can live more for today with financial security for life’s unknowns, keep more of the money you earn with potential tax-deferred growth and access to cash value through tax-free loans and withdrawals, and build more for tomorrow with a growth component that compliments the protection your policy provides.

Indexed Universal Life is a type of life insurance that insures one person and pays a benefit to the beneficiary you select after the insured passes away. IUL has the potential to build cash value by allowing you to track a major market index through indexed-linked options.

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What is Indexed?

Refers to your ability to invest in an indexed-linked option that gives you the potential to accumulate cash value within your policy based on the performance of an index up to a cap.

What is Universal?

Means you have flexibility in making payments. Your payments and the timing of those payments, can vary from nothing to a maximum amount.1

Tax-Benefits of Life Insurance:

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Tax-deferred accumulation
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Potentially tax-free distributions2

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Generally, income tax-free life insurance benefit

How does IUL work?

When you make a payment to your Indexed Universal Life policy, a portion of that payment goes toward the life insurance benefit that protects your family when you’re no longer around. The other portion has the potential to build cash value by tracking the performance of the S&P 500®Index.

You can access your cash value, tax-free, for important financial goals, help maintain your quality of life in retirement, or take care of emergency expenses.2

Upmarket chart: If the index performs well, your cash value will increase up to a mazimum return, or performance cap, each year.
Downmarket chart: If the index's return is negative, your cash value is protected from market downturns and your return will be zero.

Learn more about our Indexed Universal Life policies:

BrightLife® Grow

If you need life insurance and want the potential to build cash value, but feel cautious about the uncertainty of economic conditions, BrightLife® Grow may be a good strategy for you.


Designed for accumulation
Downside protection
Flexible premiums

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1 Your policy’s cash value must be sufficient to cover your monthly charges. Indexed universal life insurance as used here refers to policies that have not been registered with U.S Securities and Exchange Commission. 

2  Under current federal tax rules, you may access your cash surrender value by taking federal income tax-free loans or withdrawals from a life insurance policy that is not a Modified Endowment Contract (MEC) of up to your basis (total premiums paid) in the policy. Certain exceptions may apply for partial withdrawals during the policy’s first 15 years. If the policy is a MEC, all withdrawals or loans are taxed as ordinary income to the extent of gain in the policy, and may also be subject to an additional 10% premature distribution penalty if taken prior to age 59½, unless certain exceptions apply. Loans and partial withdrawals will decrease the death benefit and cash surrender value of your life insurance policy and may be subject to policy limitations and income tax. In addition, loans and partial withdrawals may cause the policy benefits and riders to become unavailable and may increase the chance your policy may lapse. If the policy lapses, is surrendered or becomes a MEC, the loan balance at the time would generally be viewed as a distribution and therefore taxable under the general rules for distribution of policy cash values.

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Policy form #ICC15-300 or state variations. 

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