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See the transactions available when you sign into the Equitable portal. Transactions vary by account type.

  • Profile
    • Address change
    • Phone number change
    • Email change
    • Bank account update
    • Investment strategies
    • Financial profile
    • eDelivery - enroll in paperless delivery
  • Annuities

    Financial transactions

    • Dollar-cost/-cap Average
    • Future Funds Allocation
    • Rebalance Investments (One-time & Systematic Rebalance)
    • Transfer funds between investment options 
    • Withdrawals
    • Contributions
    • Loan Payment/Change Payment Frequency

    Service transactions

    • Roll-Up Benefit Base Reset
    • Service Form
    • Maturity Election
    • Performance Cap Thresholds
    • Personal Data
  • Life Insurance

    Financial transactions

    • Future fund allocation
    • Make a payment
    • Request a loan
    • Transfer funds between investment options

    Service transactions

    • Change Beneficiary Information
    • Dividend Elections and management
    • Dividend Disbursements
    • Payment Frequency change
    • Systematic Payments

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