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  • What features are available through my online account with Equitable?
    Our client portal provides registered customers a consolidated view of life and annuity contracts, 24 hours, 7 days a week. Customers can log in to:


    Check Account Details
    Annuities - Plan type, ownership and account value
    Life - Face amount, cash value and available loan value
    Investment option balances, investment allocation and daily fund prices
    Premium/Contribution information


    Manage Your Portfolios
    Transfer amounts among investment options
    Change the investment allocation for future premiums/contributions
    Make a payment or contribution
    Request a loan against your life insurance cash value
    Sign up for electronic delivery of statements


    Review Investment Performance
    Annualized year to date, 1 year, since inception, and where available, 3, 5, and 10 year performance
    Investment objectives, strategy, portfolio composition and top 10 holdings for all options
    Quarterly Portfolio Highlights


    Access Customer Service
    Find answers to frequently asked questions about your policy/contract
    Print service forms

    You should be aware that not all contracts and/or policies are supported online at this time. Policyholder/Contract holders must be registered with the Equitable client portal to obtain the online services listed above. If you are a plan participant, your Plan Sponsor must agree to make online access available for you. During registration, clients are asked to accept our Online Services Agreement. The use of Equitable client portal is only available on the terms and conditions set forth in the agreement.

  • Can I view my spouse's account?
    At this time, we only provide a consolidated view of products and asset accounts based on an individual owner's social security number.
  • How can I verify my online account information?
    If you have a specific question about contract or policy details provided in your online account information, call us toll-free at (866) 444-6001 and select option 2
  • Do I have to complete a security code after logging in with my user id and password?
    The online portal requires a secondary security code to access an online account. This helps protect client accounts and prevent fraudulent action against them.
  • Why am I unable to change my trusted telephone number for receiving the security code?
    Sometimes clients are unable to update the trusted number for a variety of reasons (phone number is on a family plan instead of the individuals name, client information is not up to date, change of address, phone type, etc.). A phone number or email can be manually added if the client calls (877) 222-2144.
  • Why doesn’t my account/statement pop up when I click the link for it?
    Removing pop up blockers is necessary on some browsers/devices to access things on the portal. Certain links (documents, make a payment, etc.) pop up in a new window. For these to work, permission must be enabled on the browser authorizing the equitable page to have pop ups. Also, LPL accounts access their Account View page through Pop up blockers must be enabled for LPL clients to access their page.
  • What are some general troubleshooting techniques I can use?
    Clearing cache and cookies is an excellent way to stop general issues and is usually a first step that we take when diagnosing a problem.
  • How do I contact customer support by phone?

    Call us toll-free at (866) 444-6001

    For faster service select the appropriate prompt:

    • Option 1 - Questions on your existing account, policy or contract
    • Option 2 - Technical support or online account information
    • Option 3 - Learn more about our products & services
    • Option 4 - Access our corporate directory 
    • Option 5 - Register for online access and electronic delivery
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